Eirlys by mawaridi
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Series: ART: Born of Magic
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Story Notes:
Art for "Born of Magic" by Gnimaerd.

Story excerpt: "She liked best, however, her mother’s porridge – how she made it with strawberries and fresh milk and sometimes cream, when they had it. She had it for breakfast almost every morning. Of course, it was best in spring and summer, when the strawberries were fresh rather than dried and wrinkly. But they were still sweet, and anyway, today was a gloriously fresh, May morning, and there were plenty of tiny wild strawberries, like perfect jewels, hidden in the patch behind their

Her mother sent her out to fetch some in before breakfast.

“Here!” She called, as she returned, with a good sized collection cradled in the front of her apron. “Lots and lots, mother!”

1. Eirlys by mawaridi

Eirlys by mawaridi

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