[ - ] Fairy Court by Suaine [PG-13]
Categories: Gen; Characters: Arthur, Merlin; Genres:: None
Warnings:: Adult themes
Series: ART: Fire and Rain
Chapters: 1; Completed: Yes
Word count: 2 Read: 19523
Published: July 25, 2009 Updated: August 04, 2009
Art for "Fire and Rain" by Pennyplainknits

Story scene: "The fairy court, all on black, fiery-eyed horses, attempted to spirit Arthur away, his habit of making eyes at anyone vaguely attractive having got him in trouble again. Merlin grabbed onto him and just held on, feeling the fairy magic shimmering over him and through him as Arthur was changed from a newt, to a snake, to a lion, then back to himself, the fairy huntress having apparently given up. Merlin looked up at her, wondering what happened next, and she gave him a long, calculating look back. Then she nodded, almost like a salute, before spurring her mount and disappearing in to the side of the hill with the rest of the court."

Digital painting, blending of photo sources.

Warning: nudity

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