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A Merlin-Supernatural Fusion. After a bitter parting and four years of silence, Merlin is contacted by Arthur to help find Uther, who has disappeared on the trail of Nimueh. Merlin is drawn back into the hunt, criss-crossing Britain in a vintage Jag with Arthur at his side, tracking ghosts, spirits, fantastic beasts, and Nimueh, the being responsible for the deaths of Ygraine and Hunith, years before. As well as the hunt, they must deal with their own relationship, and Merlin's special gifts that have begun to re-emerge.
Categories: Section 4, Slash; Characters: Arthur, Merlin; Genres:: Alternative Universe, Crossover
Warnings:: Adult themes, Character death
Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 49522; Read Count: 17912; Completed: Yes
Updated: August 04, 2009; Published: July 06, 2009